You might not believe in Darwin’s theory of human evolution, but you can hardly ignore the Darwinian principle of evolution, popularly quoted as “Survival of the fittest”, especially if you have stakes in today’s constantly-evolving digital landscape as a business enterprise. The sudden emergence of Covid-19 in 2020 changed the whole matrix of the business landscape & pushed businesses to explore digital means for staying in touch with their customers. Presently, the digital world is in huge flux with the innovation of online tools and methodologies. This has turned the whole digital atmosphere fueled with cut-throat competition. Only those businesses have a chance to stay in the market whose strategies are in line with current digital trends. 

Before you move into the year 2022, it’s better to make a sense of some popular digital marketing trends that are going to influence the digital world in near future. After all, catching up with what’s in vogue will help stay your business top of its game. 

Automate your business with Artificial Intelligence

Application of AI-powered technology is becoming a key feature of digital marketing strategies across the globe. Majority of businesses are utilizing AI technology to make their customer service more efficient through the introduction of chatbots. Similarly, AI tools are being used for email marketing & SEO optimization to get real-time feedback on the usage of keywords, links, and more. It’s high time to automate your business operations. 

Invest in Video Marketing 

According to Cisco study, video content will account for more than half of all web traffic by 2022. According to some polls, 84% of buyers claimed that after watching a product’s video, they were more ready to buy it. In a nutshell, video marketing is the future of digital marketing.

Adopt Conversational & Personalized Marketing 

Scripts don’t work currently in marketing. Consumers love to engage with businesses where they experience human-centered interactions and where they feel they are listened to for all their needs. Only those businesses have a chance to thrive who keep the human element alive in their transactions. 

Voice Search is in vogue 

According to Google data, currently, 20% of online searches are via Voice Search. This is going to rise as more and more people are gaining access to the internet through smartphones. Keeping in view the rising popularity of Voice Search, it’s important that businesses adopt Voice Search as part of their digital marketing strategy. To stay in touch with Digital Trends contact Kenz advertising.

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