Need for Digital Marketing in Pandemic

It’s no more a choice; It’s a Necessity!

Maybe it’s the most appropriate time to make sense of how the info-tech revolution has enveloped us in this global world. Covid-19 has caught us off guard and has impacted every sphere of human existence. It has impacted human interactions at both the macro and micro levels and has magnified the reality and importance of virtual presence. Currently, every organization is trying to secure a space in the digital world to keep its wheels rolling.


Businesses around the world are not immune to global pandemic and its aftermaths. Instead of pursuing online presence as a choice, it has become necessary for businesses to not only occupy space online but also showcase themselves to customers across the globe. This compulsion for businesses to pitch themselves online was already present but Covid-19 has amplified the need for online presence and promotion for businesses.

For businesses to thrive online, businesses need digital marketing. Because a major chunk of customers approaches businesses for their services and products online, digital marketing is gaining massive traction for businesses to stay in the business.

Let’s explore what is digital marketing and why it is considered a lifeline for businesses.


What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is all about connection. Digital Marketing is an outreach of a business to its customers through all digital means like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Businesses promote themselves digitally via blogs, Google ads, videos, and website development. It is through these digital means businesses introduce their brand to customers across the globe and consumers around the world get an idea about which brand is coming up with what in the market.

Digital Marketing is a lifeline for businesses in today’s world

According to the latest surveys about digital marketing, a major pool of people around the world surf online first for what they need in the market. Because a lot of businesses have an online presence and offer multiple options to consumers, it’s highly important for businesses to go for digital marketing to outstand themselves among their business competitors and give special recognition to its brand in the market. Effective digital marketing truly brings business to the top and multiplies prospects of its success.


KENZ Advertising offers the best digital marketing services

KENZ Advertising is the leading digital marketing agency based in Lahore. We have been helping business startups for the last ten years in major cities across Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, etc. via digital marketing. Our professional team of digital marketing customizes digital marketing services that we offer as per the needs of the businesses and help them in turning them to brands. We have a rich legacy of ten years to turn business startups into leading giants of the business world. Not only within Pakistan but across the border we have served businesses with our latest digital marketing services. Our team stays in touch with the latest digital marketing trends in the fast-changing global world and makes sure that businesses are offered all the possible options on how to elevate themselves in the global digital market.

Inamullah Marwat is a Content Writer at KENZ Advertising and has been leading KENZ News as a Senior Editor.

Apart from this, he is a columnist and writes op-eds for various English newspapers across Pakistan which comprise Daily Times, The Nation, Pakistan Today and South Asia Magazine, an international magazine published across the region. Currently, he teaches at Department of Political Science in University of Management, Lahore and can be reached at

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